Monday, April 9, 2012

N E W W O R K S !!

I know I'm supposed to pick O N E activity that I've learned about in New Works that was my favorite, but I cannot because they all have been my favorite. But over all , i enjoyed the color wheeled because I got a better understanding of the colors. Like how it is created, or whether it is warm or cool. I learned that a color isn't just one color but a comibination of the rainbow. Kinda like New Works. For some, New Works is just a class that you can either text, sleep , or play around. They do not take it seriously or even try to take the lesson that we are being taught to adapt them to daily life. I personally feel that being in New Works is a great opportunity to learn things about all the clusters. With A R T , I've learned that there are more aspects than just drawing or painting and that there are many different styles of drawing, such as stipple or hatchet. With M U S I C, I've learned that there is texture and lines and different forms of music. such a fast slow , curve , and straight. With T H E A T E R, I've learned that it is more than just acting or portraying a character but that there is structure in the art. Such, how you deliver a certain line, along with thinking about how each line flows together. And with D A N C E, I believe it brings all that to life. With lines of the body, facial expressions, movement with music.
New Works has taught me that our clusters are all connected in one one.... they are all A R T !

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