Tuesday, November 29, 2011

ManBearPigs !

For this assignment , I had mixed feelings. In the beginning , i thought it was a great that we didn't get to choose the people on our team because it gave us a chance to get to know our classmates and create different types of ideas for our assignment. Whether it be to make it a musical , or a mime , or a cartoon , with different classmates we create different stories. The only thing i didn't like about the assignment was how we had to limit our creation to fit a certain time slot and the length of time we were given. I believe that if every group would have had more time not only for the time of our films but also the due date , the films we created would have been even more creative and entertaining.
With my groups film I feel we did a good job with the time we were provided. There were somethings that could be adjusted or made more clear for the viewers. But overall i feel it was a great film for our first short film.

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